After a 12 1/2-year run as an editor at PC World (and another 20-odd years as a wire service and newspaper journalist/editor before that), I am now trying to be my own boss.

In addition to this blog and my food blog (SanFranFoodie), I plan to start a consumer tech-shopping blog; I’ll also remain a contributing editor at PC World, and will (hopefully) freelance for others as well.

Finally, with my longtime colleague Becky Waring, I’m seeking to launch a tech consulting business for home users who need help setting up and maintaining PCs, Macs, networks, digital entertainment centers–you name it. If you’re interested in our services, send e-mail to denny at geekboomer.com.


  • Jon Ziskind says:

    Congratulations on getting your blog up and going. Plus, I love your first review!


  • YEA! Excellent to see the blogs are going full tilt, Denny. The adventure unfolds!

  • Dan Slovitt says:

    Denny, sorry to hear about your exit at PCW. Have followed your work there for quite some time. Seems as though these changes are everywhere, including many of your old haunts up north. Keep up the good work.


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